Are you missing a huge chunk of your audience? Check out these Top PR Trends of 2014, because you need to do these things, like, yesterday.

Content Marketing

The effectiveness of a great story is nothing new. However, because of PR, Content Marketing is having to evolve. The bar for great content is continuously being raised. Uncreative jargon just won’t cut it anymore.


Brand Journalism is becoming more prevalent among forward-thinking companies. This is essentially telling a story related to your brand’s expertise, using a journalistic style. Using this method offers value to the audience, who in return will likely want to know more about the brand.

Integration with Marketing / Sales

Due to an overwhelming amount of content in the media, every PR strategy must be supported by an appropriate sales and marketing campaign in order to be effective.


Monitoring advancements are making it easy for seasoned PR professionals to reach highly targeted influencers, with which to effectively grow brand recognition.

Online video

Visual media (such as YouTube and Vine) is becoming much more relevant to a successful PR campaign, so multimedia utilization is a must.