Lucid was founded on a core set of values that shapes who we are, what we do, and why we do it … We apply these values to our own team and to our relationships with clients, and our friends in the media … Our Core Values are clarity, laughter, accountability, adaptability, results, and gratitude.



The word Lucid is literally synonymous with the word Clarity, and being clear in our line of work is key to our success as a PR company. Clarity in communication, in purpose, and in our relationships with stake holders is extremely important to a productive environment, and we don’t believe in “leaving our lives at the door” by any means. We are human beings, and with that title comes many inevitable complexities; having open doors and an open line of communication alleviates negatively perceived actions, and offers insight to what’s really going on. Without clarity in communication, situations can often be misconstrued, leading to high stress.

Achieving clarity in our planning and execution phases provides all entities involved with a sense of purpose, and allows us to know what course of action to take in any contingency. Only through clarity, we can better ensure the tools necessary to be successful with and for our clients.



We believe that laughter is the best weapon to fight the stress battle, so put down the tomahawk! A good laugh can defuse a trying situation by releasing pent up stress, and we’re not the only ones who think that. According to CNN, laughter makes it easier to deal with difficult situations and can even be a tool to connect and relate to others.

Though we take our publicity clients, their careers and businesses very seriously, we have found that when there is a steady supply of fun and laughter, the creativity flows more easily followed shortly by results and success.



We own our work- it is never “someone else’s problem,” it is our own. Through accountability, we can find solutions to difficult situations and dedicate ourselves to being responsible for our success as well as our clients’.



Change is inevitable, especially in the field of public relations. Keeping an open mind is critical to not only changing, but evolving for the better. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is maintaining a creative space that is conducive to generating new ideas. Learning new skills and new ways of thinking keeps our minds fresh; whether it a new theory, a new media platform, a new technology, or a new client, we are always receptive and ready to adapt.



Nothing feels better than seeing a positive result. Getting great media bookings for our clients fuels us- it’s why we do what we do. Video gamers have in the past used the term ‘fiero’ to describe the feeling of being triumphant in the face of adversity, or having achieved a major accomplishment. Although we are not ‘gamers,’ we as public relations professionals share this exact feeling we get when a client on the front page of The New York Times, or when they make their first television appearance. We are extremely passionate about getting our clients in the media and keep the passion, ambition, and positive attitude to propel us through potentially stressful situations.



Science has proven it. Showing gratitude is the #1 generator of happiness, as mentioned in’s article titled, “Scientists Discover One of The Greatest Contributing Factors to Happiness.” According to the article, even in the most stressful of situations, something as simple as remembering to show gratitude to one another has the potential to lift spirits and overcome stress. We value this ability and express our gratitude not only to each other, but to our clients, our friends in the media. We recommend everyone to give this a shot- take a moment to express your gratitude to someone and watch your stress melt away.


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