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Cardiologist, author and speaker Dr. John M. Kennedy hired LUCID to publicize and arrange media placements for his new book, The 15 Minute Heart Cure: The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Just Minutes a Day. Drawing from his experience as Director of Preventative Cardiology and Wellness at the Marina Del Rey Hospital, Dr. Kennedy created the B-R-E-A-T-H-E™ Technique, combining guided visual imagery with controlled breathing to help users de-stress in 15 minutes.


LUCID’s press materials heavily emphasized Dr. Kennedy’s BREATHE Technique. We pitched this catchy acronym far and wide, reasoning that everyone can benefit from a quick, at-home solution to stress.

TV producers quickly embraced the BREATHE Technique. Dr. Kennedy was featured nationally on The Dr. Oz Show, World News with Diane Sawyer, PBS, Discovery’s “Life or Death,” and Extra’s “Lifechangers”; and in local news outlets including KABC, KCAL, Fox 11 News, and Boston’s Fox 25 News. He was also the most frequently featured guest on the internationally syndicated CBS show The Doctors during their 2010 season.

Dr. Kennedy and his BREATHE Technique also appeared in numerous print outlets, including First for Women, The Advocate, Health Magazine, and Real Simple Magazine; and online in MSN’s Today Health, Everyday Health and CBS Los Angeles.

Our relationship with Dr. Kennedy continued long after his book publicity tour was over. We monitored the news for stories in Dr. Kennedy’s area of expertise. For example, when Dr. Conrad Murray went to trial for his role in Michael Jackson’s sudden death, we placed Dr. Kennedy on Anderson to discuss correct uses of Propofol and demonstrate the proper CPR technique.

These media placements resulted in business deals with Fortune 500 companies, a new book deal, reality TV offers, paid speaking engagements, and recurring guest appearances on national TV programs.


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