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Dr. Soroya Bacchus is a triple board certified psychiatrist in Los Angeles who specializes in psychosomatic medicine, addiction medicine, and pain management. When Team LUCID first met Dr. Bacchus, she was working in a small Torrance office and wanted to grow her practice by attracting new patients.  LUCID developed a two-fold strategy: 1) expand Dr. Bacchus’s network of referral sources and 2) position her as a leading expert on mental health-related issues.



To expand Dr. Bacchus’s referral network, LUCID introduced her to prominent stakeholders in the Los Angeles substance-abuse-recovery community and arranged for her to speak on rehabilitation-related topics.  Over time, Dr. Bacchus became a trusted partner in the recovery community and an authority on addiction treatment.  Dr. Bacchus now serves as medical director for two of LA’s leading alcohol and drug treatment centers.

Simultaneously, Team LUCID worked to establish Dr. Bacchus as the media’s go-to authority on mental health.  We crafted press materials emphasizing her impressive credentials and carefully monitored the media for stories pertaining to psychological issues—including ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, sleep disorders, and substance abuse.

After a number of smaller placements, bigger outlets began turning to Dr. Bacchus.  She appeared on EXTRA to discuss the addiction-related causes of Charlie Sheen’s erratic behavior, dissected the mind of the “LA Arsonist” on Good Day LA, and discussed Catherine Zeta Jones’s struggle with bipolar disorder on Good Morning America.

Over time, Dr. Bacchus’s referrals multiplied and her practice thrived.  We are proud to report that she is no longer working in that cramped Torrance office.  She now operates a large, thriving practice in Santa Monica.



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