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 The ReFa electronic roller is a portable face and body massager that lifts and tightens loose skin using solar-powered, microcurrent technology.  In 2010, ReFa hired LUCID to promote the beauty device, which had sold more than a million units in Japan but was still foreign to US consumers.   To help roll the device out in America (pun intended), Team LUCID focused on securing media placements for ReFa and building its social media community.


 LUCID sent rollers to prominent dermatologists and treatment experts in order to reassure American consumers of the device’s effectiveness.  We were confident that American experts would recognize the same value in ReFa as Japanese dermatologists and skin experts before them.  Sure enough, the reviews came back unanimously positive.

In our promotional materials, we highlighted these expert testimonials and emphasized the device’s cutting-edge technology.  We shipped ReFa’s latest model (the ReFa Pro) to major media outlets, and the media hits flooded in…

ReFa was featured in ELLE Magazine, US Weekly, Day Spa magazine, LA Doctor, Extra.comAmerican Health & Beauty.comDermstore.comBella NYC Magazine,, The Huffington Post, Chicago Primetime TV,, 25A Magazine, North Valley Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Bella NYC Magazine,

We also focused on building ReFa’s social media community.  On day one, ReFa’s social media reach was limited, with only 120 Facebook likes on their company page and 268 Twitter followers.  LUCID focused on regularly posting fun, engaging content on ReFa’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  We identified and targeted “influencers” in the health and beauty world and included them whenever possible in our ReFa posts and tweets.  We are proud to report that ReFa USA now has over 10,000 Facebook likes and 15,000 twitter followers.


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