With 1,476 daily US newspapers, 1,500 television stations, 10,322 radio news channels, and over 20 million blogs, it can be easy to lose your way … We’ll help you navigate … Our creative PR solutions combine traditional media outreach with innovative digital campaigns. We specialize in MEDIA RELATIONS, CRISIS MANAGEMENT, EVENT PLANNING, and SOCIAL MEDIA.



Here’s what we offer…


We find creative and engaging ways to communicate your message. Any message, no matter how mundane or ordinary, contains a newsworthy hook. Finding that hook requires a creative approach and fresh point of view—a LUCID point of view. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd by crafting a message that’s loud, clear, and—above all—unique.


You’d be surprised how many PR firms chase after press solely to fill their portfolios. At LUCID, we identify and target media outlets that will help you achieve your specific business goals.


Our long-standing relationships with journalists and news producers allow you to broadcast your message both locally and nationwide. LUCID’s clients have appeared in outlets ranging from the Green Bay Press Gazette to The Wall Street Journal, and everything in between.


Early PR mogul Benjamin Franklin once said, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” Our day-to-day involves getting your name, story, and message in front of the people who select the day’s news. That requires query letters, pitches, press releases, and constant follow up. We welcome you to check out our media portfolios on Pinterest and YouTube.


The ever-changing media landscape requires creative and state-of-the-art PR solutions. That is why LUCID combines traditional media outreach with innovative digital campaigns. We custom design and implement social media strategies that will strengthen your brand and expand your online presence. Our strategies may vary from client to client, but here are the three staples:


We engage your audience, one post, comment, and tweet at a time. It can be tricky creating content that successfully engages a vast online audience with diverse tastes. We’ll help you find or create content (including articles, photos, videos, promotions, contests, and blogs) that is newsworthy, creative, and, above all, relevant to your brand. Furthermore, we’ll identify and target “influencers”–prominent individuals or companies with social media clout–who can help spread your message.


Our analytics tools monitor 200M online sources, but we pay closest attention to “the big five”: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. We track social media traffic over time and monitor conversations about your brand, product, and competitors. And to keep things tidy, we create one unified “social inbox” that aggregates your various networks and contacts.

Build Community

Community is the final prize. We pride ourselves on the ability to mold a handful of scattered “fans” or “followers” into an integrated social community that is excited about your message and eager to share it with the world (wide web).


Epicurus, an excellent PR practitioner in his own right, said, “Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest.” Every company, large and small, is vulnerable to crisis. It may come in the form of a massive disaster, small accident, legal issue, health risk, or damaging story. Team LUCID offers the experience, preparation, speed, and vigilance to help you weather the storms.


In the event of a crisis, you can’t afford to have your PR firm learning on the fly. LUCID Managing Partner Jonathan Franks earned his crisis management battle scars in Washington DC, working in high-profile litigation and Congressional politic. He’s also coached and guided health care clients through various PR crises.


PR crises have a way of materializing quickly and at the worst possible moment. Team LUCID will help you prepare a detailed plan of action before disaster strikes.


The key ingredient of crisis management is speed. You cannot afford to stay silent or respond with “no comment.” Silence allows the media to weave a one-sided story portraying you as the enemy. To display leadership and competence, you’ll need to address the problem quickly and effectively. As a boutique firm, LUCID is structured to take immediate action on your behalf.


A PR crisis requires constant vigilance. With LUCID, you will have one dedicated team, focused on monitoring the media, taking calls from journalists, and communicating your positive message to both the media and the public.


A successful event can do wonders for your business. It can generate press coverage, communicate your message to the public, and fashion your brand as creative, exciting, and fun. But don’t pop the champagne just yet. Events require time, energy, money, and careful attention to detail. Whether you’re planning a product launch, business conference, grand opening, wellness event, or trade show, Team LUCID will help you nail the four key essentials of event planning:


We’ll help you design a creative and fun event that demonstrates your message to attendees.


Events get pricey fast. We plan our events to match your budget and are ever mindful of the price tag. We’ll advise you on when to splurge, where to save, and whether to go with Dom Pérignon or Bud Light.


How many attendees? What’s the venue? Lighting? Transportation? Catering? Bathrooms? Parking? Music? Rain contingency plan? We’ll handle all of the details, big and small, so that you can spend your time working the room.


One of the main goals of any event is to generate press coverage for your business or organization. We’ll prepare your press materials and remind producers and journalists about the event until we’re blue in the face. That way, the people who can’t make it in person can watch it on the evening news instead–allowing “attendance” to balloon from 100 to 100,000.


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